Ready to “T.H.R.I.V.E”?

Are You:

Seeing the same repeated unhealthy relationship patterns show up in your life?
Having trouble trusting others?
Constantly going back to a relationship that isn’t healthy for you but you’re having difficulty staying away permanently?
A mom who shows up for their kids however, you hide behind the hurt of your relationship because you don’t think you have the time to take care of yourself?
Successful in other areas (handle your business type of person) of your life but seem to be secretly “stuck” relationally?
Following relationship experts, reading books, journaling, and/or attending therapy but knows there’s a deeper level that you must dive into?
Divorced legally BUT haven’t divorced mentally and emotionally from your past marriage?
Considering divorce BUT still need clarity on whether or not if this is the best decision?
Ready to focus on your future, commit to growth, and find your own happiness
Ready to gain knowledge and tools to embrace your singleness, deal with your ex appropriately, and date purposefully.

Then My Program “T.H.R.I.V.E”  Is For You!!!!

What Is "T.H.R.I.V.E"?

T.H.R.I.V.E is an acronym that stands for “Transforming through Healing & Rebuilding Intentionally with Vision to Evolve”.  It is a 12-week group coaching “no fluff” program that’s designed to get authentic, transparent, and vulnerable with yourself, your life and your relationships.

Within 90 Days, You Will:

Confidently understand who and whose you are to design a life that is authentic to your core identity.
Have developed mental and emotional resilience by using proven methods daily to transform your mindset and manage your feelings that will accelerate your growth.
Understand the foundation of the relationship(s) you’ve been attached to and how this has played a significant part in how you bond.
Develop strategies to have conversations that will require you to get uncomfortable, manage conflict, and create mutual & meaningful relationships moving forward.
Understand the most practical way to interact with your ex to make the relationship “kid-focused”.
Build healthy boundaries to develop a quality of life that you don’t need to regularly escape from. This involves understanding what you value and live in a way that is in congruent to what matters.
Be more knowledgeable on whether your relationship was toxic and how to NOT entertain them.
Become more decisive on the uncertainty of your current relationship. You will have developed more clarity on whether this relationship compliments the both of you or should it be dissolved.

This Program Is For You IF: 

You’re ready to make a commitment for 12 weeks to do the work that is required of yourself!
You’re ready to make yourself a priority by spending at least 2 – 3 hours a week to get connected by completing the assignments and showing up for ALL the weekly calls.
You’re ready to find permanent solutions. You’re over temporary fixes because they aren’t sustainable!
Ready to transition from being a victor into becoming a victor! That you’re ready to take the ownership that is required to move forward.
You’re ready to be coachable. Meaning that you’re ready for the teacher to appear. This means you’re ready to get uncomfortable, you’re ready to work, you’re ready to transform and you’re ready to trust the process.

What’s Included In This Program?

12 (live) weekly educational coaching calls via zoom. The day and times are the same every week to create consistency so you can plan accordingly
11 live “check-ins”  via zoom – this call is more organic. This is a call that we chat weekly to discuss your overall week and answer any questions live
Private group chat with me and the ladies who are currently enrolled in the program for daily support. This is needed for any additional questions and accountability
Resources for every call. This includes weekly homework assignments (handouts included), four assessments (debrief included), and a book that is required to read in the program
1:1 Wrap up call. This call is designed to go over your progress within the program and recommendations on how to stay on track
30 days additional coaching after completion of program (group setting only)
Gift  (after completion)

I’m Tonya Carter, a Relationship Transformation Coach who helps women evolve relationally! This involves undergoing a process that’s required of you to get real and raw with the most important person in your life and that is yourself.

Why? Because I’ve been where you are now whether you’re:

  • Unsure about your marriage

  • Attracting the same of person (you know, different person BUT the character is similar)

  • No longer in your marriage/relationship but still feel “stuck” as to what’s next (trust me, it’s deeper than the other person)

  • Considered the “strong” woman to everyone around you, but inside you just want to breathe and let go of appearing to have it all together because it’s holding you back more than moving you forward.

  • A dope mom however, living behind your kids is causing you to neglect your needs.

Yep! Been there, done that! Which is what not only inspired me to do this BUT truly help women transform into designing a life that they can look forward to living everyday!

My coaching, training and skills has helped clients personal and professionally. I lead from a place of compassion as well as truth. My mission is help each of my clients live a thriving and meaningful life which can only happen when you’re no longer living from a place of shame but a place of authenticity.

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Are the classes in person?

No, the classes are all virtual. Whether you’re in the US or overseas, you can be a part of this!

Is this one-on-one coaching?

No, this is a group coaching program for women only. Based on my experience of doing this program for years, group coaching brings better results. It helps you because even though you may think you’re the only one, trust me…you’re not. It also makes it easier to know you have a supportive group during this process. You gain long lasting friendships and even more accountability.

How many people are your group coaching program?

It varies between 8-15 but no more than that. Keeping it small and intimate is important so I’m able to give my clients the attention they need.

Is this program only for those who are going through a divorce?

No, this program is also for those who are unsure about their current marriage, their current relationship, and/or previous relationship that they haven’t gotten over.

Why is the program 12 weeks long?

Based on the outline of the program and the homework, a certain level of time needs to be invested to dive deep. 12 weeks helps create new long habits, build resilience, develop clarity in your relationships and accomplish goals

Is it mandatory to attend every class?

Yes, remember not only is this a financial investment but it’s also an investment to how you want the next chapter of your life to look like. If you’re unwilling to show up to each call,  I recommend not to enroll. My goal for each client is to get the most out of this program and one of those requirements is being on the calls.

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