Are you ready to DIVORCE your story?

“Many divorce the individual but stay married to their story” ~ Tonya Carter

I know divorce is hard, trust me I’ve been there. And I made sooooo many mistakes along the way and so much of that had to do with my emotional foundation at the time.

What I realize is that when many get a divorce, people aren’t consoling you, they’re distancing themselves. Many just say “I’m sorry” but don’t truly get it if they haven’t experienced it, or some even say “get over it” as if you didn’t once love or may still be in love with this person. So it leaves you feeling alone trying to “figure” everything out…but you don’t have to do it alone. I got you!

My “Divorce Your Story” 12 week Program Is Designed to Help You:

Set a Foundation

How to set a new foundation and process your emotions in a healthy way

Heal, Forgive, & Adjust

How to heal properly, learning how to truly forgive, and adjusting to your new life

Know Thyself

Rediscovering your identity by building a true authentic relationship with yourself

Communicate, Successful Parenting, & Develop Boundaries

Develop healthy communication, deciding the best way to coparent, & setting core values.

Being A Successful Single

Learning how to embrace your singleness & building the best relationship with yourself to know what you want out of life and what you need if you desire to repartner in the future.

Stay Focused

Creating healthy systems to stay on track moving forward

Tonya Carter is a certified coach and entrepreneur that specializes in helping women with divorce. The journey of divorce can be very painful and lonely. Having to experience divorce herself, the road was challenging. Balancing single motherhood, financial hardships, and facing health setbacks, Tonya decided to stop being a victim of her story and decided to be a victor of it.

“I never knew this would be something I would do, this wasn’t my plan” Tonya has said several times. However, giving advice and offering help to women in need for years in this area has made Tonya realize that if so many people experienced divorce, then a lot of people may haven’t healed properly from it.

Tonya’s goal is to help woman heal and completely divorce their ENTIRE story. “Even though many people have legally divorced, that doesn’t mean their divorced emotionally as well as mentally” Tonya mentioned. The purpose is to divorce it all!

If You’re:

Ready for REAL accountability
Tired of feeling “stuck”
Ready to get to the root of things and not just the surface stuff
Ready to divorce your story and create your own happily ever after

Then you need to join…..


12 (live) weekly calls via zoom
“Unleash Your Inner Queen” Assessment
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Daily Motivation
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“Create Your Own Happily Ever After”

— Tonya Carter, Divorce Coach

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